For people with type 2 diabetes

Science with you!

Citizen science is scientific research that is done by or together with citizens. In citizen science, the citizen, like you, is fully involved in research activities. Which
means that you are not only participating in the study as a participant. You will also contribute to the formulation of the research question and the research method. Or you collect and process information or data to answer the research question. In this way, together with us, you are a researcher, a citizen researcher.
In the Citizenlab Grip on Diabetes, we investigate together how the use of digital aids can contribute to more customized care, personal responsibility and control in your life with type 2 diabetes. Together we will look for a way to make (new) digital tools and new approaches for a better grip on diabetes accessible to you and healthcare professionals.

What does the Citizenlab Grip on Diabetes offer you and us?

It is very important in citizen science that the research leads to valuable knowledge or outcomes for the citizen, for science and for society. In the Citizenlab Grip on Diabetes that would mean:

  1. Valuable knowledge or solutions for your daily life with diabetes;
  2. Outcomes and experiences in doing citizen science;
  3. Understanding what’s important to you in your life with type 2 diabetes, which helps citizens, healthcare professionals, and technology developers better understand each other.
We need you, get involved!

You know better than anyone what it is like to live with type 2 diabetes. As an expert by experience, you can play an important role in setting up, conducting and analyzing research. That is why we are happy to join forces with you. We invite you to work with us.

If you are interested, please contact