Collaborate on a better grip on diabetes

You know better than anyone that it is important to control diabetes. This can be done, for example, by keeping a close eye on your blood sugar levels. Healthy and conscious living can also help. Diet and exercise affect your blood sugar levels. This differs per person. Getting a better picture and understanding of the influence on your values ​​can help you to get a better grip on diabetes. There are various technologies available that can support you in this. Think, for example, of apps that keep track of your blood sugar values, nutrition and exercise. Or an app where you have contact with a (digital) lifestyle coach. Technology is always close by, even when you are away from your healthcare provider. Deciding for yourself about your life with diabetes and the care and support for it. Do you want that? More insight into your life with diabetes through technology support can help. It is important to see which technology suits you best. Do you want full technology support? Or rather combined with personal contact? What do you think is important? That’s what it’s about.