Leerkring Citizen Science

Leerkring Citizen Science

In the past period, the TOPFIT Citizenlab has organized a learning circle on the subject of citizen science together with the Twente Noabers. This included representatives of various citizen initiatives and socially active organizations present; 4Twente, Anno Nu , Continue to live in Hengevelde , FC Noaber , IkkanWelzijn , Long will you live , Neighborhood facility ‘t Doesgoor and WijzOud . A representative from EnschedeLAB also joined, as well as from the municipality of Borne. In addition, an active citizen joined the meetings. In four sessions, we delved into a number of themes around citizen science and citizen initiatives, such as:

  • What is citizen science?
  • How can research strengthen citizens’ initiatives?
  • When are methods based on citizen science preferable to regular scientific research?
  • How can citizens’ initiatives support researchers?
  • What is needed for effective cooperation between citizens’ initiatives and research?

The knowledge gained in this learning circle will help to shape the Citizenlab.

Response from one of the participants: “I have experienced it as interesting and learning. The way the learning circle is done has ensured that we take the initiative seriously were and have been heard …. We listened carefully and the feedback is also very good … For me the concept of citizen science has become clearer and through this way of gathering knowledge it can actually be used effectively to strengthen citizens’ initiatives So that knowledge institute and society come closer together. “

We would like to thank all participants for the inspiring discussions and pleasant cooperation!

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