Measuring fatigue

Fatigue is a well-known and common complaint among people with arthritis. It is not easy to predict fatigue: what is the reason for feeling very tired one day, but feeling much better the next? People with arthritis indicated that they would like to find out more. Together with researchers, they have therefore set up research for this purpose (to find out how it went, see also this page).

This research started in April 2022. The aim is to find out what can influence fatigue. For this purpose, people with arthritis are asked to fill in a short 2-minute questionnaire every day for 3 weeks. This can be done on the phone, a tablet, or a computer. This will give us, as researchers, more insight into what is related to the fatigue that people experience. At the same time, everyone who participates can see his or her own data. As a result, you may recognise a pattern in yourself that can help in dealing with fatigue.

In this way, we are working together to gain more knowledge about arthritis and living with arthritis!

Do you have rheumatoid arthritis and would you like to participate in this research? Then keep an eye on this website. The study will probably start in March 2022.