Results survey about the HandScan

Our first research focused on monitoring visits and the possible use of the HandScan in the process. The HandScan is a new device from Demcon Hemics that can measure inflammatory activity in the joints of the hand. More than 400 people gave their opinion via a survey.

In general, people with rheumatoid arthritis are satisfied with the way in which inflammatory activity is monitored now (before the corona crisis). However, about half would prefer more imaging studies (think of MRI, CT-scan, X-rays). In addition, people seem to perceive an added value of the HandScan, mainly because the HandScan provides a quick and clear picture of the location and severity of inflammations in the hand.

You can find the detailed results of the questionnaire here.

You can find the scientific paper about the questionnaire here.

You can also view the research and the results in this video.